Company Description

Our original company was established by the Institute of Occupational Medicine (IOM) in 2012. After nearly 10 years of collaboration and partnership, in December 2021 we became independent as the Institute of Ergonomics and Hygiene (IEH) whilst still maintaining strong ties with the IOM.

The IEH’s focus continues to be Ergonomics and Hygiene. Dedicated to providing innovative thinking and solutions for clients and partners so that they can create safe and healthy working lives for others

Our Mission

Our mission is to create a world of quality work and healthy life for all by providing strategic and innovative solutions for good Ergonomics and Hygiene. IEH will deliver her mission by providing and conducting the following services and professional activities:

  • Ergonomics and Human Factors: Our ergonomics and human factors consultancy services aims to help the world manage the interaction between people and their working environment to achieve Quality Work that is Safe, Healthy, Efficient, Productive and Fulfilling.
  • Occupational, Public and Personal Hygiene: Our hygiene consultancy aims to protect human health by eliminating and prevent exposure to hazardous agents during work and in all aspects of our daily living.
  • IEH Institute: Our institute aim to train professionals and the general workforce and public to manage ergonomics and hygiene at work, in public and at homes.

Training Courses

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    2 Leng Kee Road
    #03-10 Thye Hong Centre
    Singapore 159086


    +65 6914 6622
    +65 9770 5963 (WhatsApp)



    Courses in the past two years:

    W501 - Measurement of Hazardous Substances (November 20 - November 23, 2023)
    W503 - Noise Measurement and its Effects (July 24 - July 27, 2023)
    W507 - Health Effects of Hazardous Substances (October 31 - November 03, 2022)
    W503 - Noise Measurement and its Effects (November 07 - November 11, 2022)
    W501 - Measurement of Hazardous Substances (July 04 - July 08, 2022)