As a collective effort among experienced pharmaceutical occupational hygienists from multinational pharmaceutical corporations, healthcare and OH standards organizations, the specialist level OHTA Pharmaceutical Module is now ready for training pilots prior to formal acceptance as part of the OHTA training scheme. The module is directed toward professional level occupational hygienists that are relatively new to the pharmaceutical industry and for those experienced hygienists looking to broaden their knowledge throughout the following module chapters within the Student Manual and the accompanying Presentation Slides.

  1. Understanding the Pharmaceutical Industry
  2. Pharmaceutical Products and Their Hazards
  3. Processes and Technologies
  4. Hazard Assessment and Communication
  5. Exposure Assessment
  6. Control of Exposures
  7. Control Banding
  8. Program Management
  9. End User Handling of Hazardous Drugs

We are asking for qualified Pharmaceutical Occupational Hygienists to pilot this course, if you would be interested in this pilot please contact Nancy McClellan, MPH, CIH, CHMM at Nancy.mcclellan@oh-management.org. We only request that you directly provide feedback regarding their quality after their piloting use to Nancy at Nancy.mcclellan@oh-management.org so that we may continue to produce the highest quality training materials.


We would like to sincerely acknowledge the dedication and hard work contributed toward authoring and reviewing this module by the following individuals. We endeavoured to include everyone who contributed and apologise in advance if we overlooked anyone. Please notify Nancy McClellan with any corrections to this list of valued contributors.
Authors and Reviewers:

Angelie Kasman- Eli Lilly
Steve Bailey – GSK
Adrian Hirst – Hirst Consulting
Nancy McClellan – AbbVie/ OHM Consulting
Maharshi Mehta – ISS Consulting
Erica Joseph - GSK
Charlyn Reihman – Safebridge
Greg Erexson, AbbVie
Lisa Cardo - GSK
Donna Heidel – Bureau Veritas/Amazon
Russell Collins - GSK
Pam Davison – GSK
Len Morris - BOHS
Lesley Burgess – AstraZeneca
John Farris – Safebridge
Bob Sussman - Safebridge
Chun-Yip Hon – Ryerson University
Jerald Ovesen – NIOSH
Jill Kauker- Naval Health
Amanda Scott - CHOP
Amy Snow - GSK
Jeff Dinyer - Thermofisher
Stephen Nowakowski - Safebridge

Barry Ballinger – HPA Consulting
Dale Iddon - Eli Lilly
Lesley Burgess - AstraZeneca
Steve Lewis - GSK
Michael West - Pfizer
Jose Pedro Dias - Janssen Pharmaceutica (Johnson & Johnson)
Walter Spieler - F. Hoffmann LaRoche AG
Martin Foerster - F. Hoffmann-La Roche AG
Bie Lambert - Janssen Pharmaceutica (Johnson & Johnson)
Michel Vangeel - Janssen Pharmaceutica (Johnson & Johnson)
Juergen Fleckenstein - Boehringer Ingelheim GmbH
Lena Fahlqvist Kozicic - AstraZeneca
Ulrich Billerbeck - Merck KGaA
Chris Field - Napp Pharmaceutical Holdings Limited
Jan Wren - GSK R&D
Deborah Simpson - GSK R&D
David Newton - GSK Biologicals
Simon Nunn - Pfizer UK
Marc Abromovitz - Johnson & Johnson and Novartis