December 04 - December 09, 2023

Course Overview

To provide a broad based introduction to ergonomic principles and their application in the design of work, equipment and the workplace. Consideration is given to musculo-skeletal disorders, manual handling, ergonomic aspects of the environment as well as to the social and legal aspects.

Learning Outcomes

  • Apply ergonomic principles to the creation of safer, healthier and more efficient and effective activities in the workplace
  • Conduct ergonomic risk assessments
  • Develop appropriate control measures for ergonomic risk factors
  • Describe work-related causes of musculo-skeletal disorders
  • Design a workplace according to good ergonomic principles
  • Assess ergonomic aspects of the working environment and work organisation

Course Content

  1. Overview of Ergonomics
  2. Ergonomics Methods and Techniques
  3. Musculo-Skeletal Disorder
  4. Workplace, Job and Product Design
  5. Relevant Physical Factors of the Work Environment
  6. Standards and Social Aspects