June 12 - June 22, 2023

Course Overview

  • Introduce ergonomics (muscular-skeletal disorders, manual handling, etc.)
  • Learn to apply ergonomics in the design of work, equipment and the workplace including social and legal concerns

Learning Outcomes

  • Optimize the efficiency and effectiveness of activities in the workplace using ergonomic solutions
  • Understand ergonomic risk assessments and appropriate control measures
  • Understand the causes of upper limb disorders and how to reduce them
  • Understand the impacts of workplace layout and equipment design
  • Appreciate environmental aspects of good ergonomic design

Course Content

1. Overview of Ergonomics

2. Ergonomics Methods & Techniques

3. Musculo-skeletal Disorders

4. Workplace, Job and Product Design

5. Relevant Physical Factors of the Work Environment

6. Standards and Social Aspects