July 10 - July 13, 2023

Course Overview

CIHs with 10-30 years’ experience | 30+ OHTA modules in last 10 years | 750+ participants trained via online trainings

Learning Outcomes

  • Properties of Sound
  • Definitions and measurements units-Noise
  • Human hearing and response to Noise, Audiometry
  • Noise Exposure Limits
  • Machinery Noise and Common Noise Sources
  • Assessment of Noise Risk-Sound Level Meters, Personal Noise Dosimetry, Frequency analysis, Sound Power and Intensity measurements
  • Conducting noise measurements and assessments
  • Noise controls and hearing protection
  • Environmental Noise Assessments
  • Standards and Good Practices

Course Content

  • Describe the consequences to health and well being of excessive exposure to noise
  • Understand the measurement (including dosimetry) of noise against current standards
  • Conduct surveys in the workplace to assess risks from noise
  • Advise on the need for and means of control including PPE
  • Appreciate and advise on environmental noise assessment
  • Understand current standards and good practice in these fields