March 20 - March 23, 2023

Course Overview

This Basic Principles Course provides core knowledge for an individual to develop a career in occupational hygiene.

It’s also suitable for people who simply need a better understanding of occupational hygiene, such as doctors, nurses, safety professionals, engineers and managers.

RED OHMS Training can run this course as an in-house/online programme for large companies or commercial organisations where a minimum booking for 10 people is required, and also online for public registration.

Learning Outcomes

  • Value occupational hygiene in improving worker health and understand the role of the occupational hygienist
  • Understand health hazards encountered in the workplace and identification techniques (foundation level)
  • Understand the basics of which exposure assessment, measurement process and control method to use (foundation level)
  • Manage occupational hygiene programmes in your work environment
  • Basic identification of sources and potential routes of occupational exposure including:
    • Chemical exposures
    • Noise
    • Thermal environment
    • Lighting
    • Radiation
    • Ergonomics
    • Behavioural science
    • Much more…

Course Content

Suitable Applicants

  • Health and safety professionals
  • Occupational health specialists including nurses and physicians
  • Other supervisors or specialists who wish to work with workplace health or hygiene issues

This Principles of Occupational Hygiene course is designed to meet the needs of people wishing to study at the Foundation level. It is a 5 day programme that provides a basic introduction to the anticipation, recognition, evaluation and control of risks to health in the workplace. It will introduce you to chemical exposures, noise, the thermal environment, lighting, radiation, ergonomics, behavioural science and much more.

Delivery Methods

We are delighted to announce that we will now be delivering our courses remotely on the video conferencing platform GoTo, enabling students to receive the same level of technical learning as they would in the classroom.

All materials are delivered in advance to participants including those for practical assessments. Exams are also held online.


  • Provide a practical understanding of occupational hygiene for people who need to manage or advise in workplace health issues
  • Provide a foundation from which to undertake more in-depth study in individual occupational hygiene subjects
  • Inform and enthuse participants about the contribution of occupational hygiene to ensuring optimal worker health