July 07 - July 15, 2023

Course Overview

* Introduction to toxicology, physiology and epidemiology

* Identify chemical substances hazardous to health at work and their harmful effects on target organs

Learning Outcomes

  • Define commonly used toxicological terms
  • Know the main routes by which hazardous substances can enter the body, and the factors which influence their absorption, distribution, storage and elimination
  • Know where to find information on hazardous substances and processes
  • Understand the principal target organs affected by hazardous substances at work, and the factors influencing harm
  • Know the main routes of exposure and toxic and health effects for hazardous substances commonly encountered in the workplace
  • Interpret results from epidemiological studies

Course Content

* Basic Principles of Toxicology, physiology and epidemiology, Dose response relationships, toxicity testing

* Physiology and target organs

* Health effects and industry processes