April 16 - April 23, 2021

Course Overview

The course introduces salient features of ergonomics including muscular skeletal disorders, manual handling etc. and participants learn to apply ergonomics in the design of work, equipment and workplace including social and legal concerns.

Learning Outcomes

Participants learn to:

*Apply ergonomics in the design of work, equipment and work place including social and legal concerns

*Optimise efficiency of activities using ergonomic solutions, understand risk assessments and appropriate control measures

*Understand the causes of Upper Limb Disorders and how to reduce them

*Understand impact of workplace layout and design and environmental aspects of good ergonomic design,

Course Content


* Overview (General principles, Biological ergonomics, Psychology at work, Developing Strategy)

*Ergonomics Methods and Techniques (Work Design, Risk management, Measurement and information gathering.

*Musculoskeletal Disorders (Manual Handling, WRULD)

*Workplace, Job and Product Design (Work Environment, Computers and Workstation Design, Information, Displays and Controls)

*Physical Factors of work environment (Vision, noise, heat, vibration, Protective Equipment etc)

*Standards and Social Aspects (Training, skill development, Health information, measuring impact of ergonomics.