1. The status of Approved Training Provider will be for a defined period and for the countries specified.
  2. The term Approved Training Provider can only be used when delivering approved training materials from OHTAtraining.org
  3. Approved Training Providers should teach to the syllabus and the student manual for the course.
  4. The text of the syllabus and student manual must not be altered in any way. Training providers may reproduce or bind the manual in such a way as to incorporate details of their organization, the relevant national association, sponsors and other appropriate information.
  5. Training providers may alter the content or style of presentation materials: for example they may brand the materials with their logo and they may add in exercises, case studies or local requirements such as regulations.
  6. Training providers are expected to inform and co-operate with any participating IOHA national association when running a course. National associations may specify additional requirements for courses in that country and may ask to have materials branded with their logo.
  7. Student assessment is an integral part of the teaching process and students must be assessed using the process defined by OHTA.
  8. Students must be encouraged to provide feedback about each course.
  9. All fees are to be negotiated directly with the relevant national associations and participating examination boards. The student assessment fee is usually incorporated in the course fee and reimbursed by the training provider direct to the examining board. OHTA does not engage in financial transactions.
  10. Where a course provider has student feedback or pass rates that are repeatedly below the norm, there will be an investigation on behalf of OHTA. Where possible, advice and support will be provided to help achieve the required standard. In cases where performance does not improve, Approved Training Provider status may be withdrawn.
  11. The status of Approved Training Provider may be revoked at any time if any of the above conditions is not met or in the event of conduct that may be deemed to bring the scheme into disrepute.
  12. A Course Director may be disbarred for persistent unsatisfactory performance.

Read the full terms and conditions and download the application form below.