Benefits of Being Approved

There are many advantages to becoming an Approved Training Provider, including reduced cost of entry and branding benefits from an international system. Only training providers who have been approved by OHTA are allowed to offer courses leading to the international qualifications, including online course delivery.

Approved Training Providers:

  • are entitled to use the OHTA Approved Training Provider logo on materials relating to the OHTA modules, when teaching those modules. This logo incorporates the "Supported by IOHA" message and logo
  • have access to all the training materials produced by OHTA
  • can post information about themselves on, including a link to their website
  • can promote their OHTA approved courses on
  • benefit from the status of being an OHTA Approved Training Provider
  • have access to a new customer base

Requirements for Approval

Organisations seeking approval must demonstrate that they can meet a number of criteria. In summary:

  • Each course must have a director with overall accountability for the training quality and delivery
  • The course director must be a professional occupational hygienist holding a qualification recognised by IOHA under the National Association Recognition scheme
  • The organisation must have the capability to deliver the training in the chosen countries and languages
  • The organisation must have appropriate experience in occupational hygiene training
  • The organisation must have access to the equipment and facilities to run the courses and the practical sessions
  • The training provider must agree to the Terms for Approved Training Providers

Approval Process

OHTA administers the process to approve training providers who meet the criteria. OHTA also investigates any complaints or issues.

In practice, approvals may be undertaken by a participating examining board or national association on behalf of OHTA.

Where a course provider wishes to run courses in several countries, any national associations impacted that are members of OHTA will be consulted prior to approval being granted for those countries.

Next Steps

Interested organisations should click here to read the terms and conditions and download an application form.

Full criteria and further information on how to apply may be obtained from and may be varied from time to time.