You can enhance your knowledge and gain a greater understanding of the discipline by participating in international occupational hygiene training courses which lead to recognised qualifications and greater competence in protecting health.

How You Benefit

Following the international qualifications structure will help you to pinpoint your strengths and areas of weakness and to set targets for your own improvement.

The process of gaining qualifications will also enable you to network with others with similar interests. You will benefit from access to advice from experienced occupational hygienists who will support your development.

Qualifications combined with experience will demonstrate to your employers, potential customers or future employers that you have undertaken a recognised path of study and have the requisite competencies to carry out a range of occupational hygienist functions. You will enhance your employment and career opportunities.

As a holder of recognised qualifications you will also be eligible to apply for professional status which is offered by a number of national associations. Professional status is recognised internationally and enables Hygienists to participate in continuing professional development schemes.

International Qualifications

The international scheme offers you additional benefits:

  • You can start to study at whatever level suits you and build up your qualifications to the level you desire
  • Your qualifications are recognised in many countries around the world, allowing you international mobility
  • The training programmes that you will follow have been widely reviewed by professional hygienists and tutors to ensure high quality and consistency

Learn more about the international training scheme and qualifications framework.