It relies on trust and public feedback through the website to ensure accountability of all participants

Our aims:

To be inclusive and engaging so that all stakeholders can benefit, from students to employers, professional associations and training providers

To keep our procedures simple and straightforward, both administratively and in our relationships with others. We work through other OH organisations where possible to avoid duplicating systems and adding costs.

To ensure transparency and accessibility by sharing materials with all, trusting our fellow professionals and making real time feedback a key feature of the website

All stakeholders should benefit, from students to employers, professional associations and training providers

  • An equal partnership between employers, education and training providers, and professional associations
  • Return on investment for partners if the model is to be sustainable
  • Motivation for students to gain qualifications and enter the profession
  • Accessibility and applicability of materials tailored by experienced practitioners
  • Opportunity for all stakeholders to have a say in how OHTA works

The simple organisation structure should minimise costs, complement other players in the OH community, and encourage participation from all

  • Maintain a lean organisation to minimise back office costs
  • Keep administration to a minimum
  • Tap into the resources of partner organisations and the hygiene community wherever possible
  • Ensure the route to professional improvement is straightforward and uncomplicated, with courses accessible in students’ region and language
  • Operate as an international collaborator with existing organisations supporting IOHA, rather than a competitor
  • Promote the professional development of occupational hygienists rather than the organisation OHTA

Training quality will be monitored and improved by users and trainers alike, as we promote a climate of trust and transparency

  • For any approved course promoted on the website, the syllabus and training materials will be available to all
  • We will build a climate of trust and empowerment for professionals by ensuring emerging providers have a chance to develop in the market, whilst assuring the quality of training delivered
  • Trainees and training certifiers will be able to feed back to ensure accountability of providers and to spur continuous improvement in training quality
  • The site will post award holders as an additional stimulus for professional recognition and career improvement