The Chief Editor works with international teams of module editors and reviewers to develop and review OHTA course materials.

There are many volunteers supporting module review and development projects. In many cases, training providers have also taken the time to provide written feedback.

Chief Editor:

Mr Sven Hoffmann, Program Manager, MAS Work+Health

Sven Hoffmann is currently Program Manager of the Swiss MAS Work+Health at the University of Zurich and University of Lausanne. He is an occupational hygienist, chartered workplace ergonomist (CREE) and an officer for disaster risk reduction in the Swiss humanitarian aid unit. His further academic education/training includes Risk & Crisis Communication, Didactics and Hazmat life support. His Board experience includes the European Association of Schools of Occupational Medicine (EASOM), the Swiss Ergonomics Association (SwissErgo) and the Centre of Registration of European Ergonomists (CREE).